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Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4 (2019)



Neurology training in Pakistan: 2020-2025
Safia Bano, Sarwar Jamil Siddique, and Ahsan Numan Numan

Original Articles


Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with positive Dengue serology
Sajid Hameed, Owais Hashmat, Mubashar Memon, and Muhammad Wasay


Rhabdomyolysis due to status epilepticus causing acute renal Failure
Iqra Athar, Neelma Naz Khattak, Haris Majid Rajput, Anam Anis, Hanin Tanich, and Mazhar Badshah

Case Reports


Rare presentation of cerebral venous sinus Thrombosis
Haris Majid Rajput, Anam Anis, Iqra Athar, Neelma Naz Khattak, Hanin Tanich, and Mazhar Badshah


Mohammad Wasay