The Pakistan Journal of Neurological Sciences (PJNS) is brought out quarterly by a joint collaboration of the Pakistan Society of Neurology, Pakistan Academy of Neurological Sciences, and Pakistan International Neuroscience Society. Its mission is to publish top-quality academic content in a rigorous and accessible format integrating neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, neuro-radiology and basic neuroscience. The overall aim is to help clinicians and scientists stay abreast of their fields.

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Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 2 (2020)


Original Articles


Obstructive sleep apnea in middle age male smokers
Muhammad Hassan, Saad Ali Ansari, Farzana Salman, Raafay Kamal Khan, Waleed Shahzad, Ehsan-ur- Rehman, Omer Hassaan, Aftab Ahmed, and Mazhar Badshah


Factors influencing severity in acute ischemic strokes
Inam E Khuda, Intisar Siddiqui, Saad Munzar, Rashid Nazir, and Arsalan Ahmed

Review Articles


A review of brain death protocols across the globe and need for brain death guideline for Pakistan.
Mohammad Wasay, Syeda Batool Mujtaba, Mughis Sheerani, Saleem Barech, and Rashid Jooma


Concussion: A review of epidemiology, presentation and treatment.
Sidra Saleem, Arsalan Anwar, Fahham Asghar, and Muhammad Wasay

Case Reports



Mohammad Wasay