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Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Students’ conceptions of the nature of mathematics have a great influence towards mathematics learning. In order to understand gender-wise students’ conceptions and attitudes towards mathematics this study has been conducted in Karachi, Pakistan. This paper examines patterns in students’ conception and attitude towards mathematics by analyzing survey data obtained from 82 students studying in grade eight in a private school context. The survey was conducted using a five-point Likert scale ranging from ‘strongly agree’ through ‘neutral’ to ‘strongly disagree’. The survey findings illustrate that students consider mathematics as a useful subject which is used in daily life routines and facilitates in developing problem-solving skills and to strengthen future career. However, the findings also highlight students’ confusion and contradictions in terms of the nature of mathematical knowledge i.e., they show their level of agreement to both ‘absolutist’ and ‘fallibilist’ view of mathematics. With respect to mathematics attitude the results shows that female students hold a more positive attitude towards mathematics and lesser mathematical anxiety than their male counterparts.

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Journal of Research and Reflections in Education