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Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


This paper reports on a case investigated as a part of several case studies conducted under ANTRIEP (Asian Network of Research and Training Institute for Educational Planning) in seven different countries. (India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh) to look into the management of successful schools. Three cases studies were conducted in three different school systems in Pakistan: public school, private school and AKES (Aga Khan Education Services) managed schools. In this paper the case study of public and cross case analysis based on the findings of the three schools is reported. The findings reveal that school autonomy, delegation of authority, management of physical resources, community participation and proper monitoring system are critical for school success. On the basis of the findings the paper argues against the traditional and bureaucratic model of school management for develoved management structure (more autonomy to school) that can potentially transform schools into learning communities.

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Bulletin of Education & Research