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Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The M.Ed. program at The Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development helps to develop Course Participants (CPs) as teacher educators / educational leaders. The institute always welcomes innovations in its various programmes. The Educational Development Project (EDP) was conceived as an alternative to research to develop CPS’ knowledge and skills required for developmental work. The EDP is concerned with capacity building at classroom and school level depending on the needs of the relevant stakeholders. A contextually relevant model was adapted for EDP at the institute. The research reported in this paper discussed the question: To what extent does the course on Educational Development Project prepare M.Ed. CPs to apply their learning from the course in actual classroom / school settings as an initiative towards school improvement efforts? Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected through different instruments and strategies. Case study method was also used in this regard. The data reveal that it is appropriate to engage teachers and educational leaders in conducting small scale educational projects to bring about whole school improvement.

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Bulletin of Education & Research