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Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


The purpose of this study was to assess difference in prospective teachers’ ability to pose word problems for mathematical expressions involving division before and after an instruction intervention. After the initial assessment of participants’ ability to pose word problems for division expressions, the researcher introduced an alternative model i.e. rate or ratio to represent division involving whole numbers. After the intervention it was assessed whether the model helped the prospective teachers develop word problems for division of fractions. The findings revealed that the prospective teachers successfully posed word problems for division of whole numbers based on intuitive model of fair sharing and to some extent they used repeated subtraction model but failed to represent division of fractions. A considerable improvement was observed in participants’ performance to pose word problems for division of fractions after going through instruction intervention. However the problems, which the prospective teachers posed, were, to a large extent, similar to the word problems, which the researcher used in the instruction.

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International Journal for mathematics teaching and learning