Empowering educators: A scaffolded approach to faculty development at the Aga Khan University

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Institute for Educational Development, Karachi


Scaffolded faculty development is a recognized approach for enhancing teaching practices. Aga Khan University (AKU) adopted this method to elevate the quality of teaching and learning practices, promote a culture of excellence in higher education, and establish a sustainable faculty development model. AKU's scaffolded faculty development approach consists of two tiers. The first tier focuses on enhancing individual teaching practices through participation in faculty development programmes and then implementing the acquired knowledge in the classroom. This tier not only enhances their individual teaching practices but also primes them for the subsequent tier. In the second tier, faculty members take on the role of coaches, fostering peer growth and contributing to institutional sustainability. The scaffolded faculty development model at AKU, thus, aligns seamlessly with the broader objective of faculty development in higher education–to empower faculty to continually improve their teaching methods and create a culture of excellence in higher education.

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The Journal of Faculty Development