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Professional Development Centre, Gilgit


Parental perceptions and perspectives play a critical role in their motivation, interest, participation, and valuation of children’s education which ultimately influences the quality of education in schools. This article reports the change of perception and perspectives of the parents under the influence of a comprehensive school improvement intervention. A quantitative survey approach was employed in this study including 680 parents from 6 districts. The data was collected in two rounds following the pre- and post- intervention approach. The first round of data was collected at the beginning of the project and the second round was collected at its end. The paired sample t-test showed significant difference between pre- and postintervention responses of parents about improved relationships between the school and the parents (p < 0.000), increased cocurricular activities in the school (p < 0.000), fulfillment of students’ educational curriculum requirements (p < 0.000), the provision of equal attention to both boys and girls (p < 0.002), the obligation of the parents to ensure the physical and moral development of their children (p < 0.000), the provision of a safe, healthy, and educational environment at home by the parents (p < 0.000), and the development and maintenance of positivity expressed by parents for the success of their children (p < 0.000). Hence, the study found that a planned intervention has the potential to positively change the perceptions, perspectives, and valuation of children’s academic development.

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The Journal of Values-Based Leadership