Document Type

Policy Brief


Professional Development Centre, Karachi


This brief offers recommendations for policy and practice around ensuring continuity of education in emergency situations. It also aims at engaging important stakeholders to assert the need for education in emergencies in countries like Pakistan, which frequently confront natural and human-led disasters. This brief also discusses the need for ‘education in emergencies’ in a ‘low HDI’ developing nation such as Pakistan, where being exposed to natural and human-led disasters seems to be a way of life. It provides an initial platform for those who are interested in understanding the scope of this theme, as well as designing and delivering educational programmes in areas situations of conflict, disaster and tragedy. Education provision in emergency situations can comprise a wide range of programmatic interventions ranging from non-formal education activities (that can be arranged using minimum resources, whilst demanding parental support and participation), to formal (school-based) activities (requiring investment in intensive training, community involvement and co-operation of local authorities) (Betancourt, 2005).