Exploring leadership practices of principals of government elementary colleges of education in Pakistan

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Professional Development Centre, Karachi


This article shares the findings from a case study conducted to explore the leadership practices of Principals of the Government Elementary Colleges of Education across Pakistan. The study focused on how these Principals understood their roles and responsibilities in the context of the changing role of teacher education in Pakistan and in the globalizing world context. An exploratory case study research methodology was adopted; using semi-structured interviews as the main source for data collection. The primary findings of the study indicate that the Principals’ perceptions of their roles and responsibilities rotated mostly around the axis of ‘control’ of their organizations and its smooth functioning. Hence, they perceived looking after the teaching and learning processes, being good role models and meeting the requirements of their institutions as their prime responsibilities. Considering the trying circumstances under which many of these Principals worked where often even their lives were under threat, they worked quite hard to achieve the desired results.

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International Journal of Leadership in Education : Theory and Practice