Exploring perception of Parents about the impact of Parental conflict on Children's Social and Emotional development

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Employing descriptive exploratory research design, ten parents; eight mothers and two father, having children between 5–8 years of age were recruited from a community of high income strata in Karachi, which is one of the mega cities of Pakistan that is among the low and middle income countries1. Using semi structured interview guide, data was collected through in-depth interviews of the participants. Findings revealed that parental conflicts negatively impact on children's social and emotional development which they demonstrate through being aggressive, losing interest in their education, losing confidence, geing detached from their parents and siblings and at times being abusive. Such emotions, if not treated well, may result them indulging in anti-social behaviors and personality disorders. Hence, it is concluded that positive parental relations are important for children's emotional and overall development. These findings can assist practitioners to promote healthy parental relationships, early identification of conflicts and to intervene as needed.


International Journal of Nursing Education