Initiation and Implementation of an E-assessment: An experience

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Online assessment is considered one of the reliable and efficient assessment strategies, especially for a large class. This article reports, a feasibility study that was done to explore the readiness of institution, teachers as well as students to initiate online assessment within a blended learning course (health assessment) of baccalaureate Programme in a private nursing school at Karachi Pakistan. Eighty three undergraduate students and six faculty members participated in this project. Participants were educated about the change in strategy for quizzes through on-going presentations, written guidelines, module and hands on experience. Students and faculty found the online quiz assessment as a user friendly, time and cost effective strategy. The benefits of online assessment (MCQ test) were observed to be automated marking, immediate results, students’ review of their performance and item analysis. Students’ readiness for online learning may help educators to engage and assess these students easily and prepare them for the upcoming online world of future.


International Journal of Nursing Education