Spirituality and COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative inquiry of real time experiences in Pakistan

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan; Medical College Pakistan


Many individuals are now reflecting on spirituality and religiosity being essential parts of their life that helped them cope and overcome the fears associated with COVID-19 during the quarantine period. Although medical interventions remained vital in managing the COVID-19 outbreak, little attention was given to the contributions of spirituality as a personal coping mechanism in South Asian culture. Through a qualitative descriptive exploratory approach, we explored the roles which spirituality and faith played in lives of COVID-19 patients and their families during the quarantine period in Karachi, Pakistan. Twenty-two dyads of COVID-19 patients and their family members were purposively selected and interviewed via telephone or Zoom. Quarantine was a reflective opportunity to focus on one’s inner-self and make spiritual connection or re-connection with God. Participants felt the pandemic reminded them that humanity must come closer, act as one household, and extend help to each other. However, there were conflicting views regarding the impacts of spirituality and religiosity during the restrictions and quarantine period.


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Journal for the Study of Spirituality