Domestic violence among female healthcare providers: A meta-analysis

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Review Article


School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan; Community Health Sciences


Objective: To estimate the prevalence of domestic violence among married female healthcare providers within the Pakistani context.
Design: A systematic review has been done.
Place and Duration: From January 1992 to December 2011 the international and national published literature on domestic violence analyzed and scrutinized.
Methodology: Used different electronic databases search engines (CINAHL, Medline, Pub Med, PsycInfo, and Global health), Ancestral, hand searching, and citation tracking. The searched result based on 250 published quantitative articles in English language published in scientific journals; finally 54 articles were selected to review.
Results: Of the total 54 researched articles revealed that worldwide domestic violence prevalence is ranged of 10% - 69% however, in Pakistan it is 30% to 79%. Verbal violence is the most common type which further leads to other form of domestic violence such as emotional, physical, and sexual violence. Internationally, very limited literatures were available on domestic violence among female healthcare providers but, no literature was found in the Pakistani context.
Conclusion: Our literature review reveals that globally female are significantly experiencing in a large proportion with domestic violence and verbal violence in more common. Further research is also need in this regard especially on the ground of domestic violence among healthcare providers.

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ISRA Medical Journal