Assessing knowledge and perception regarding falls and fall induced injuries among older adults in Karachi, Pakistan-A cross-sectional study

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Introduction: This study aims to assess knowledge and perception regarding falls and fall-induced injuries among older adults as it is the foremost health concern of this age group. It will help to plan and implement effective health promotion activities for the elderly to improve their health condition.
Method: The sample size of 300 old-aged participants (118 males & 182 females) above 65 years and above were assessed through a questionnaire tool administered by an interviewer. The mean age of study participants was 73 years.
Results: In the knowledge assessment, 75% of participants were aware of biological factors while 68% were aware of environmental and 59% of behavioral factors. Around half 57% of participants, knew falls and fall-induced injuries are a leading cause of hospital admissions. In addition, 70% believed that proper nutrition can help in reducing the risk of falls and 63% were in favor of environmental factors’ effect on falls, and 77% considered that it poses limitations on activities of daily living respectively. However, only 26% and 27% were aware of social isolation and depression. In the perception assessment regarding falls, the majority were found to have a positive perception of falls and fall-induced injuries.
Conclusion: This study showed that older adults had average knowledge and positive perception related to falls and awareness of preventive measures. Thus, indicating the need for health education activities regarding falls and fall-induced injuries.


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Journal of Aging Science and Gerontology