Stock assessment of hilsa shad tenualosa ilisha in the Iraqi marine waters, northwest Arabian Gulf

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


The stock of Hilsa had Tenualosa ilisha in the Iraqi marine waters was assessed using FiSAT program. Estimates of growth and mortality parameters obtained are L∞ = 60.47cm, K=0.32, Z=1.28, M=0.62 and F=0.66. The current exploitation rate (E as F/Z) was 0.52. A bimodal recruitment pattern of unequal strength was observed. The maximum yield per recruitment could achieved at Emax=0.63 and Lc=25cm. Aaccordingly, the fishing effort can be able to increase and the mesh size of the drift mets should be adjusted to be more appropriate to capture T. ilisha of length >25cm to avoid any possible overfishing for the recruitment.

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Marina Mesopotamica