Developing the reliability and validity of an Urdu version-self-efficacy scale for breast cancer patients in Pakistan

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Nephrology; School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Background and purpose: No suitable scale was identified in literature that comprehensively measure self-efficacy of Pakistani breast cancer patients. The study aimed to develop a self-efficacy scale in Urdu language and determine its dimensions.
Methods: The scale was developed with input from experts and literature. It was administered, in crosssectional phase of two pilot studies, on breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Post hoc internal consistency reliability was computed and principal component analysis (PCA) was performed.
Results: SES-U comprised 17 questions. PCA revealed a total of five factors explaining cumulative variance of 68.7%. These factors were self-confidence, faith, coping, optimism, and decision making. Post hoc internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha) value was high (∞ = 0.87).
Conclusions: The self-efficacy scale has acceptable validity and reliability and has potential to obtain information related to self-efficacy of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.


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Journal of Nursing Measurement