Enhancing patient well-being: Applying environmental theory in nursing practice

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Theoretical framework always guides nursing practice and nurses follow this unconsciously. This paper highlights the work of Florence nightingale who, identified the application of environmental theory in nursing practice. Nightingale has defined 13 canons of environment and explained each aspect in detail. Her major canons include: ventilation, noise, cleanliness of walls/rooms, light, bed and bedding, personal cleanliness, and taking food. Nightingale has beautifully described the effect of application of her theory. The theory when applied, yields a positive impact on patient’s health. The learning outcomes of this research will help the people in medical science to understand the correlation between environmental theory and nursing practices for the wellbeing of patients. And if one is failed to apply all of the concepts in clinical area then it can lead to delayed recovery of the patient.


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Annals of Nursing and Practice