Family ethnographic approach to explore the causes of suicide among married women of 20-40 years in Chitral, Khberpakhtunkhawa, Pakistan

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan; Community Health Sciences; Psychiatry


The study was conducted to discover the factors that contribute to the suicide among married women in Chitral, through exploring the experiences of 24 immediate family members of six women who had committed suicide during the last one year. A qualitative study using the family ethnographic approach was employed. The data was collected between Aprils - July, 2016, largely through semi-structured in depth interviews and observation in the homes of participants. The study was conducted in district Chitral KPK, PakistanParticipants: 24 immediate family members of 6 women who were dead because of suicide were interviewed and observed. The key findings revealed that poverty and domestic violence were the key themes for committing suicide among married women. The sub themes were: lack in education ; psychological and physical problem (depression) ; lack of parental support; poor spousal relationship; lack of supportive structure; socio-cultural values /gender norms ; high expectations from women; and lack of supportive legislation in the area. Implications for practice: The findings of this study will offer guidelines for planning structured interventional research, poverty alleviation and suicide prevention programs. Moreover, the study findings will be useful to develop structured social and legal support system at individual, community and societal level.


International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research