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Community Health Sciences; School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Background: It has been estimated that around 36% of the neonatal deaths occur due to infection in the lower and middle income countries. Infection control is a more substantial area of concern, particularly in Labor and delivery room. Multiple factors can cause infection in the labor room, therefore it is important to assess various factors of maternal and neonatal infection. Hence we explored multiple factors through this project and developed the action plan to address those factors effectively.
Methods: During our Leadership and Management course, we conducted a project in Labor room pertaining to a prevalent issue. The whole process from identification of the issue to the resolution was supposed to be in the light of leadership and management concepts. After a thorough analysis and discussion, an action plan was formulated considering the resources, audience, facilities and time required for implementation and evaluation. Every step was mentioned in the action plan for identification of issue till the evaluation of the project.
Findings: Factors of infection were grouped under six broad headings including staff, environment, practices, equipment, factors related to patient and others. These were diagrammatically represented through “Fishbone” Diagram.
Conclusion: Infection is a common issue in the hospital setting and we tried to assess the factors of infection in the labor room. We identified multiple factors of infection and tried to address those factors by developing a simple action plan. We found that infection can be controlled by taking very simple precautionary measures without incurring a lot of cost.


Global journal of Pharmacy & pharmaceutical Science

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