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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Tensions and anxiety is the common phenomena among the students of modern generation. These students go through stress due to personal, psychosocial, familial and academic matters. Some of the common ones which substantially impact their lives like family disputes, academic challenges, parental conflicts, financial concerns, social isolation and interpersonal matters, parental separation and divorce, separation from family and reduced support system. Untiring conflicts between the parents weakens the lifelong marriage contract to the verge of break down where both the life partners determines to go for the option of divorce. This creates traumatic and nerve wracking atmosphere at home and the children are mostly affected by this decision and are torn between the parents. They undergo through persistent mental pressure which can have substantial physical, psychological, psychosocial impact on the student’s wellbeing as well as on their academic performance graph.


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i-manager’s Journal on Educational Psychology