Development of standardized midwifery nursing reproductive health data set (MN-RHDs) for Pakistan.

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Pakistan has a marked discrepancy between reported and unreported maternal mortality, morbidity and reproductive health figures. Pakistan's figures are listed in the "E" category by the World Health Organization meaning there is no official means of data collection and reporting.


The purpose of this study was to develop the standardized "Midwifery Nursing Reproductive Health Data Set (MN-RHDS)" to provide systematic information about Pakistan's maternal mortality, morbidity, reproductive health, midwifery practices, and patient outcomes.


The descriptive data elements and definitions were generated and validated through Delphi survey and consensus conference of 25 experts.


The experts rated each element on necessity, clarity of definition, and collectability.


Elements were categorized as follows: 1) Antenatal, 2) Labor and Delivery, 3) Postnatal, 4) Demographics, 5) Service Data, 6) Maternal Death, 7) Referral, and 8) Maternal Status. Elements related to task work compared to psychosocial nursing care achieved higher means with lower standard deviation.


The MN-RHDS impacts data collection, storage, retrieval, and linkage of standardized information about reproduction interventions and outcomes in developing nations.

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