Who teaches science to nurses?

Naghma Rizvi, Aga Khan University



To explore the demographics of individuals teaching basic science courses in private nursing schools.


The study was conducted in Karachi, and comprised teachers teaching basic science courses in 16 registered private nursing schools. A demographic questionnaire was used to collect data. The study was conducted in the year 2013.


Teachers holding academic/professional degrees in different science disciplines were involved in teaching science to nurses. In most of the schools, all the basic science courses were taught by one subject specialist science teacher. These subject specialist science teachers held degrees in different disciplines, which included Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy, Masters in Science, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelors in Engineering, Doctor of Pharmacy and registered nurse with a master's degree. Except the physicist(2), eleven (11) subject specialists taught two or more than two science courses. Microbiologist (4) and physiologist (5) were generally engaged in teaching all science subjects.


Science courses in nursing can be taught by anyone holding a bachelor or a master's degree in science or a professional degree.