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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Monsoons of 2010; left devastated effects in Pakistan; it wiped away thousands of houses and damaged health infrastructure. The national and international communities rescued Internally Displaced People (IDP). Alongside the other health professionals' Public health nurses (PHN) were instrumental in assisting IDPs. This is a case study of a 30 year old postnatal woman; who sustained an injury on her right breast and developed an abscess in IDP camp. The client was assisted by the team of public health nurses by timely referral to undergo incision and drainage for appropriate management. Moreover, post procedure follow-up assisted the woman in wound management and neonate care, especially the breast feeding. The family was also involved in client's care to ensure their empowerment in managing the case. Thus, the efforts of PHN and their health assessment saved the life of one family by saving the life of a woman in that IDP camp.

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Journal of Pakistan Medical Association