Discourse analysis of online discussion forum of undergraduate nursing student's perceptions and observations about elder abuse in society

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Introduction: This paper discusses the perceptions and observations of undergraduate nursing students about elder abuse, observed during their clinical rotation while enrolled in Care of Elderly Course. Elder abuse is an act of harming elder individuals either intentionally or unintentionally.

Method: Retrospective descriptive study design was used to analyze the discourse on Online Discussion Forum (ODF) to understand students’ perceptions and observations about elder abuse in society.

Findings: The discourse analysis revealed the data in three major themes including the causes, types and the prevention of elder abuse. Under the three major themes, participants reported several types of elder abuse including: physical, sexual, emotional, financial exploitation; neglect; abandonment; and self-neglect. These are reported to be due to diverse priorities, brain drain and lack of understanding of the care of elderly people. In consideration to these findings, the suggested strategies included appropriate program planning, caregiver empowerment with knowledge and skill, and government attention in developing laws and Acts to protect the rights of elderly individuals.

Conclusion: The study findings clearly highlight the issues that need attention at individual, community and national level to improve quality of life for elderly population in society.


International Journal of Nursing Education