Prevalence of interpersonal sexual abuse among married female nurses and doctors in Karachi, Pakistan.

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


To estimate the prevalence of sexual abuse among married female healthcare (nurses and doctors) providers in tertiary care hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan perpetrated by family members. A descriptive cross-sectional study was done for 350 married female nurses and doctors by using a random sample technique. One public and two private tertiary healthcare hospitals from Karachi, Pakistan were selected. Descriptive and unvaried statistical methods used to analyze data. The study revealed that of the total sample of 350 married female nurses and doctors, 97.7% (n= 342) were reported one or more types of DV at some point in their life. Whereby, 59.6% (n= 204) reported sexual abuse by their family members at some point in their married life. Out of which mainly the husband 94.6% (n=193) created sexual abuse, followed by brother in- law 17.6% (n=36). Participants living in extended families [72.2% (n=26)], those who were undergraduate [50% (n=18)] and nurses [61.1% (n=22)] experienced sexual abuse by in-laws. In conclusion, nurses and doctors are victims of sexual abuse, because of socio-demographic factors such as extended family, educated and professional. The study participants were confronting to sexual abuse as the same level as those who were uneducated and poor.

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International Journal of Nursing Education