Rape: crime hidden under social stigma.

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Nurses and heath care professionals frequently experience ethical and moral dilemmas on their work place; however, the challenge for them to take efficient decisions to resolve the dilemma. In order to resolve culturally sensitive issues, and dilemmas, nurses need to have sufficient knowledge, and experience in their assign field. Patercia Crisham has suggested a systemic way to resolve the ethical dilemmas through MORAL model, these five steps model provides assistance to the nurses to analyze, explore and resolve the ethical dilemmas in a better way. MORAL Model begins with massaging the scenario; followed by outline the opinions, review the criteria, affirm position and, ACT and lastly look back the complete process. This paper presents culturally sensitive ethical dilemma in clinical nursing, and its resolution through MORAL model. This culturally sensitive dilemma not only provides awareness to nurses but stakeholders to bring change in society.


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