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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


Change in any aspect of human life is often challenging and requires significant efforts for readjustment from the individual and could result in improving or worsening existing situation. Change in work-role is also a significant event in a person's life. Present study attempts to analyse management of work-role transition from clinical nurse to nurse educator. The study is based on systematic and critical review of articles that appeared in peer-reviewed Journals. Research articles were searched from databases CINAHL, PubMed, Sage, and Science Direct using various combinations of keywords. 20 shortlisted articles were subjected to analysis for common theme of work-role transition and its management with particular reference of nurses' role transition from clinician to educator. Critical analysis of the literature shows that work-role transition is very challenging and requires proactive approach of the individual. It also requires institutions to provide effective orientation and mentorship and create welcoming and threat-free environment with well-defined policies and procedures in place. Understanding the process at the individual's level, a health institution for their new employees’ can help individual transition smoother resulting in competent nurse educator. Change is very important part of life and change in work-role is no exception. Reflecting on personal experiences shows that transition does not need to be extremely challenging and stressful experience; in fact it is manageable if appropriate steps are taken by individuals and institutions.


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