Comparative assessment of health care delivery systems of developing countries: Pakistan versus Cuba

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School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan


The health of a nation can be measured by its health care system and it strongly depends upon country’s health policy and strategical planning. Globally health care industry is undergoing a rapid change and is confronting the challenges of shift in demographics and emergence of chronic diseases which is resulting in higher cost of health care delivery. Countries worldwide are scrutinizing their current operational performance of health system, and struggling to adjust to recent growing demands. The health care system of developing countries are immersed in the complex issues of governance and financing of health care, human resource inequity and lack of access to quality health services, which are significantly impacting on the delivery of health services to the consumers. This paper will highlight on of health care system of Pakistan and Cuba under the spheres of their health care delivery system, organizational structure, authority and power structure, decision making process, future challenges and their resolutions.

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International Journal of Science and Research