Endometriosis presenting as relapsing haemorrhagic ascites in a south Asian woman: A case report

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Endometriosis presenting as ascites is a rare entity, and is more so in women of Asian ethnicity. Less than a hundred cases have been reported worldwide. Majority of patients present with abdominal dist ension and pa in, drai ning massive blood stained serosanguineous fluid. This hinders future fertility prospects of these women. O va rian suppression has been employed as a successful treatment, followed by definitive surgical treatment, such as bilateral salpingo -ooph orectomy, to end the possibility of recurrences, which are otherwise always possible. We present the case of a woman of reproductive age, seeking fertility treatment, who had a more subtle presentation of moderate, but relapsing ascites of un known origin in the past two years. Diagnostic laparoscopy and histopathology of the pe ritoneal deposits suggested endometriosis. Her ovarian func tion was s uppressed, and sh e is curre nt ly underway of a ssisted re produ ction for achieving a pregnancy.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association