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Obstetrics and Gynaecology


In order to determine the prevalence of glucose intolerance in pregnancy, 1267 consecutive women attending the antenatal clinic of the Aga khan University Medical Centre were subjected to a 75g glucose challenge followed 2hr later by plasma glucose determination irrespective of gestation on the first antenatal visit. The test was repeated at 28-32 weeks of gestation if the patients had an abnormal initial screen at < 28 weeks gestation and a normal glucose tolerance test on diagnostic follow-up and for those who had a risk factor for gestational diabetes and a normal initial screen at < 28 weeks gestation. The glucose challenge test was abnormal (2hr plasma glucose> 1 40mg%) in 8.6% of the screened population. Follow-up oral glucose tolerance test on these patients revealed a prevalence of 3.2% of gestationat diabetes and 1.9% of impaired glucose tolerance test based on the modified O’Sullivan criteria. Improvement in cost effectiveness of screening programmes was adjudged possible by avoiding glucose tolerance tests in patients with 2hr plasma glucose value of > 170mg% after a 75g oral glucose challenge for screening

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Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association