Outcome of abruptio placentae in normotensive and hypertensive patients in Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology


The aim of our study was to compare the perinatal and maternal outcome in hypertensive women experiencing abruptio placentae with that of normotensive women. We hypothesized that hypertensive women experiencing abruptio had a less favorable outcome than the normotensive women. Ours was a retrospective cohort study, in which the outcome of 33 hypertensive women with abruptio was compared with 138 normotensive women experiencing abruptio placentae. Our results indicate that although higher number of hypertensive women with abruptio had a past history of hypertension and were more likely to have diabetes (p = 0.05) there was no difference found in the grades of abruption or in any other antenatal complications between the 2 groups. The hypertensive women were also more likely to undergo cesarean section. We did not find any difference in the neonatal outcome. Therefore, we conclude that there is no difference in the maternal and perinatal outcome between the hypertensive and normotensive women experiencing abruptio.

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The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research