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Screening mammography identifies suspicious, non palpable mammary lesions. Mammographic needle localization (MNL) is currently being used to facilitate excision biopsy of these lesions. Thirty-two patients underwent biopsies of the breast after MNL for non-palpable lesions. Mammographic indications for biopsy consisted of microcalcifications (48%), mass or abnormal density (21%) or mass+abnormal density (24%). The carcinoma was identified in four cases (12%). Two of these were in situ, one was microinvasive and one was frankly invasive. Three were treated with a modified radical mastectomy. One of these non palpable lesion demonstrated nodal metastasis but none showed distant metastasis. All radiologically detected abnormalities were removed and confirmed with repeat radiology. No complications were identified. MNL effectively localizes non-palpable lesion of the breast and compliments accurate diagnosis and treatment of early carcinoma of the breast.


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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