Ruptured hydatid cyst presenting as pneumothorax.

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Patients with echinococcus infection are mostly asymptomatic. The documented rates of simple pneumothorax in Patients with pulmonary hydatidosis ranged from 2.4% - 6.2%. We report a case of a forty-year-old male Patient who was referred to our hospital for management of recurrent pneumothorax. A video assisted thoracoscope (VATS) was first introduced which showed a large amount of pus in the pleural cavity and a perforated hydatid cyst. The VATS was converted to an open thoracotomy and decortication was done with removal of the ruptured hydatid. The Patient made an unremarkable recovery and was discharged after one week with empyema tubes. The empyema tubes were gradually removed over a period of six weeks. An extraordinary number of management options for pulmonary hydatid disease have been offered. This case report highlights surgical treatment as the management opti.


Journal of Infection in Developing Countries