Pakistan human resources for health assessment, 2009

A. Hafeez, Health Services Academy, Pakistan.
Z Khan, Health Services Academy, Pakistan.
K.M. Bile, World Health Organization
Rashid Jooma, Aga Khan University
M Sheikh, Global Health Workforce, Geneva, Switzerland.


ABSTRACT Pakistan faces a human resources for health (HRH) crisis. A cross-sectional survey was conducted to overview frontline health workers. A total of 750 health facilities were surveyed across Pakistan. The median estimate of public sector health care workers in the district health system in Pakistan is 417 288, including 46 153 doctors and 41 032 nurses. Another estimated 20 000 doctors work in public sector tertiary care hospitals across the country. A total of 3549 health care workers were interviewed regarding job satisfaction and work environment. The private sector had better work environment scores compared with the public sector. Policy dimensions showed an absence of robust policies in practice. The public sector is inadequately staffed and job satisfaction and work environment need improvement. HRH crisis countries should share experiences, and developmental partners should support them in overcoming the HRH crisis.