Assessment of inhalation technique among patients of chronic respiratory disorders in Civil Hospital Karachi: a cross sectional study

Muhammad Zain Farooq `, , DowMedicalCollege, Dow Universityof Health Sciences,
Muhammad Saad Farooq, Dow Universityof Health Sciences,
Wajiha Waqar, , Dow Universityof Health Science
Marium Mustaqeem, Dow Universityof Health Sciences
Javaid Ahmed Khan, Aga Khan University
Samiyah Saadullah, Aga Khan University




To evaluate the inhaler technique of patients and the awareness acquired during pulmonary teachings given in the beginning of the treatment.


This cross-sectional study was conducted at Civil Hospital, Karachi, from December 2013 to July 2014, and comprised patients diagnosed with obstructive broncho-pulmonary diseases and who were using inhaler therapy. A questionnaire was designed to assess the technique by an inhaler technique checklist, which was pilot-tested and was filled after obtaining verbal consent. SPSS 19 was used for data analysis.


Of the 202 participants, 110(54.45%) were women and 92(45.54%) were men. Moreover, 168(83.2%) used metered-dose inhaler while 34(16.8%) used dry-powder inhaler. Besides, 134(79.8%) patients showed incorrect technique while using metered-dose inhaler while 22(61.1%) used dry-powder inhaler improperly.


In spite of the guidelines given, improper inhalation technique persisted in population leading to uncontrolled asthma and poor treatment compliance.