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Introduction: Aeromonas are Gram-negative bacilli often causing necrotizing fasciitis or sepsis in immunocompromised patients. Aeromonas Hydrophila is most often found in immunocompromised patients or those with burns or aquatic trauma. When patients present with a discharge and infection on bone graft donor site and progressive sepsis, an Aeromonas hydrophila infection should be considered in the differential diagnosis.
Presentation of Case: We report here a rare case of Aeromonas hydrophila with surgical site sep- sis/infection in an immunocompromised 69 years old female, with several comorbids. Here we are reporting infection on donor surgical graft site, sparing major surgical site with the implant. After getting culture report of exudates from the wound that grew A. hydrophila, immediate wound debridement and antibiotic beads insertion was performed with appropriate antimicrobial therapy and regular wound dressing. She was followed for around 2 years.
Discussion: This is the first report to our knowledge of A. Hydrophila infection in bone graft donor site. Aeromonas most often cause gastrointestinal and soft tissue infections, and bacteremia in immuno- compromised patients. Early surgical intervention is essential to reducing mortality in deep soft tissue infections caused by this organism. Aeromonas have shown resistance to penicillin but are sensitive to other broad-spectrum antibiotics.
Conclusion: Early suspicion, diagnosis, and treatment with potent antibiotics are needed to prevent any further complications resulting from infection by this emerging aggressive pathogen.


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