Predictors of length of hospital stay after total hip replacement

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Orthopaedic Surgery


Purpose: To identify variables affecting length of hospital stay after total hip replacement (THR) while controlling for potential confounders.
Methods: Records of 199 consecutive elective unilateral THRs were reviewed. Clinical and demographic data including age, gender, body mass index, comorbidities, surgical factors (surgical approach, type of prosthesis, use of cement, operating time), anaesthetic factors (type of anaesthesia, ASA physical status), and length of hospital stay were recorded.
Results: 64% of Patients left hospital within 12 days, 28% within 3 weeks, and 8% after 3 weeks. The median length of hospital stay was longer in women than men (11.5 vs. 9 days, p=0.009), in Patients aged >65 years than those younger (13 vs. 9 days, p65 years than those younger (61% vs. 37% or 24%, p65 years (pConclusions: Prolonged hospital stay after THR is largely predetermined by case mix. Our study helps to identify individuals who need longer rehabilitation and more care.


Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery