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Ophthalmology; Cardiothoracic Surgery; General Surgery


Introduction: Ectopic thyroid is rare, especially in the anterior mediastinum. Furthermore, true malignant transformation in ectopic location with normal orthotopic gland is exceptionally unusual. The authors have tried to put forward a challenging case of a malignant mediastinal mass managed successfully via a multidisciplinary approach.
Presentation of Case: We report the case of a 55 year old female with ectopic follicular variant of papillary thyroid cancer in the anterior mediastinum with no disease in the thyroid gland. Subsequently, complete excision of the mediastinal mass and total thyroidectomy was done followed by radio-iodine ablation with radiotherapy. Patient showed good uneventful recovery and remains tumor free till date.
Conclusion: The aim of this report is to bring forward malignant ectopic thyroid carcinoma as a differential for malignant mediastinal masses. It is emphasized that the diagnosis is made essentially through physical andpathological examinationand,inmost cases, only after surgery.AMultidisciplinary approach is recommended in such cases.


International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

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