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Ophthalmology; Surgery


All cases of corneal ulcers, presenting at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi between January 2006 and December 2010 were reviewed. Information was obtained regarding socio-demography, the cause of ulcer, prior treatment and visual acuity. Afterwards, contact-lens specific information such as the type of lens and purpose and duration of lens usage was obtained from the participants by phone interviews.
There were 59 persons with unilateral ulcers and 4 had bilateral presentation. The mean age of the study participants was 27.79 +/- 14.51 years while the median age as 24 years. Of these, 87 %had a visual acuity less than <3/60 at presentation. Even after rigorous treatment, the visual acuity remained poor. In all 41 (68.4%) of the 60 eyes, for which follow up data were available, had visual acuity of less than 3/60 at their last follow up visit.Contact lens accounted for the majority of ulcerative eyes among women while trauma among men.
Contact-lens related corneal ulcers are resulting in serious visual disability. Targeted education is necessary to address this avoidable cause of visual loss.


Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association