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A neurocytoma is a central nervous system tumor composed of small cells with features of neuronal differentiation; it typically occurs in the periventricular region, close to the septum pellucidum and the foramen of Monro. In this article, the authors report the case of a neurocytoma located in the cerebellum, which to their knowledge is the first reported case of its kind. The finding of a neurocytoma at a nonclassic location refutes the theory that this tumor has its origins in subependymal progenitor cells, unless an ectopic location of progenitor cells is invoked to explain the occurrence of a neurocytoma away from the ventricles. On the basis of this case, the authors suggest that neurocytomas should be added to the differential diagnosis of mass lesions in the supratentorial intraventricular regions as well as in the posterior fossa.


Journal of Neurosurgery

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