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Background: Multiple cerebral hydatid cysts are very rare with only a few reports in the literature detailing diagnostic workup, medical management, surgical techniques, possible complications, and outcomes.
Case description: We present the case of an 8-year-old boy who presented with progressively worsening headaches, vomiting, and intermittent fever since 20 days. Diagnostic workup was performed, and magnetic resonance imaging revealed multiple intracranial cysts predominantly in the right frontal region with significant mass effect. A total of 19 intracranial cysts were removed surgically, and the child recovered uneventfully.
Conclusions: Neurosurgeons should keep hydatidosis in the list of differentials when evaluating patients with cystic diseases of the brain. Although the removal of such cysts is challenging, outcomes are excellent when cysts are evacuated without rupture and patients show complete resolution of symptoms.


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Surgical Neurology International

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