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Cardiothoracic Surgery


Surgical excision was once considered the mainstay of treatment for lymphangiomas. However, that paradigm is now changing with sclerotherapy emerging as a viable alternative. A 22-year-old girl presented with a mucopurulent and painful discharge from an extensive wound in the trunk. Chest roentogram showed a large soft tissue abnormality with multiple calcifications in the right upper abdomen and lower thorax. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an extensive lobulated mass measuring 27 x 19 cm. Due to the extensive involvement of tissues, surgical excision did not appear to be a favourable option in this case. Local injections of bleomycin were successfully administered; resulting in complete regression of the lesion. There has been no recurrence at 2 years of follow up. Use of bleomycin sclerotherapy appears to be a safe and effective management strategy and obviates the need for primary surgery especially in extensive lymphangiomas.


Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association

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