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Cardiothoracic Surgery


May-Thurner syndrome (MTS) is a rare disease common in middle aged females, characterised by left-sided lower limb Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) due to compression of the left iliac vein by the overriding right iliac artery. Pregnancy and puerperal phases are one of the hypercoagulable states further predisposing towards thrombus formation. Treatment includes both conservative and interventional (venous thrombectomy with or without stenting). Here we report a case of a 34- year-old female in her early postpartum period who visited the Agha Khan University Hospital in July 2016, with the onset of acute pain and swelling in the left leg. Her workup revealed left-sided Acute DVT, secondary to MTS. Her case was successfully managed with conservative treatment. This case is an important addition to medical literature in the sense that DVT occurring on the onset of postpartum period should not always be attributed to the hypercoagulability, secondary to pregnancy. With early diagnosis and aggressive m a na g em ent, M TS ca n be e a s il y m a n age d


Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

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