Metastasis on bone scan with low prostate specific antigen (≤20 ng/ml) and Gleason's score (<8) in newly diagnosed Pakistani males with prostate cancer: should we follow Western guidelines?

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Aim:To find out diagnostic correlation of prostate specific antigen (PSA) and Gleason' s score (GS) with bone metastasis (BM) in newly diagnosed prostate cancer (PC) Patients in Pakistan. Materials and


This retrospective study included 204 newly diagnosed PC Patients who were referred for BS for staging.


The mean age, mean PSA and incidence of BM on BS were 7109 years, 111.058.5 ng/ml and 67/204 (33%), respectively. The mean GS of the studied population was 71. According to PSA levels, Patients were divided into 5 groups: /ml (77/204), >10-≤20 ng/ml (4/204), >20-≤50 ng/ml (22/204), >50-≤100 (25/204) and >100 ng/ml (38/204). The incidence of positive BS (%) for BM and mean GS (score SD) for each group were 14%, 71, 10%, 61, 32%, 71, 56%, 8∓1 and 82%, 81 respectively (significant p value). PSA and GS were statistically significant predictors of BM on BS and their predictive value was additive (p6 was more sensitive (88.9%) and less specific (56.2%) for diagnosing BM. Conclusions: (1) There is an overall increased incidence of BM in newly diagnosed Patients with PC and even at serum PSA level≤20 ng/ml and GS

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Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention : Apjcp