Jejunoduodenogastric intussusception secondary to percutaneous gastrostomy tube in an adult patient.

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Intussusception is the most common abdominal emergency in early childhood, but it is rare entity in adults. Jejenoduodenogastric intussusception is an exceedingly rare retrograde small-bowel intussusception. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) has become the preferred procedure for establishing enteral feeding in most clinical situations. Despite the fact that it is relatively safe, a number of complications can occur following PEG placement, jejenoduodenogastric intussusception is one of them, but it is a very rare entity. Here, we report a case of jejenoduodenogastric intussusception secondary to placement of a PEG tube in an adult Patient. To our knowledge, this is the third case of isolated duodenogastric intussusception being reported.

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Japanese Journal of Radiology