Fetal choroid plexus arteriovenous malformation, masquerading as a neoplastic lesion

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A woman in her 20s, who was pregnant, underwent a routine antenatal ultrasound revealing organised intraventricular haemorrhage and a vascular area in the left thalamic region. Fetal MRI raised suspicion of arteriovenous malformation (AVM). The baby was delivered at 36 weeks via C-section, and initial brain MRI suggested a possible neoplastic lesion.Cerebral angiography confirmed a large AVM involving the left choroid plexus with arterial feeders from the left anterior and posterior choroidal arteries and a large venous varix draining into the vein of Galen. Both arterial feeders were successfully embolised with Onyx and glue, achieving complete occlusion.Choroid plexus AVMs are rare and often lead to intraventricular or intraparenchymal haemorrhage. Surgical treatment has shown success, but endovascular management is effective, especially for small, deep-seated AVMs, offering a better prognosis.


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BMJ Case Reports