IgG4-related inflammatory pancreatic head pseudotumor mirrors pancreatic head tumor: A novel case series with a review of the literature

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Inflammatory pseudotumor of pancreatic head greatly mimics pancreatic head tumor. One of them is IgG4-related pancreatic disease, which is commonly mistaken as neoplastic disease on imaging. In our novel case series, we report three cases of IgG4-related pancreatic head pseudotumor with patients ranging from 35 to 72 years of age. Patients presented with jaundice and abdominal pain. Alongside initial laboratory workup, abdominal CTs and serum IgG4 levels were also obtained. Imaging features in conjunction with IgG4 levels confirmed the diagnosis of IgG4-related autoimmune pancreatitis. Pancreatic pseudotumors are notorious for being often reported as real tumors. Through our noteworthy case series, we intend to highlight the imaging features and laboratory markers that are crucial in such cases to avoid invasive procedures.


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Clinical Case Reports