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A case of fallopian tube fimbrial cyst torsion with haemorrhage is presented, occurring in a 37-year-old female who had tubal ligation 6 years back. She presented in emergency with acute abdomen. Initial assessment of ovarian cyst haemorrhage or torsion was made. Ultrasound showed cystic structures in left adnexa and complex cyst in right adnexa with suspicion of torsion. Laparoscopy was performed and bilateral fimbrial cysts in fallopian tubes were identified with torsion on right side, and a left ovarian haemorrhagic cyst, which was subsequently confirmed on histopathology. Although fallopian tube torsion of fimbrial cyst is rare, it should be considered in patients who had history of bilateral tubal ligation. Again it should also be considered in the differential diagnosis of acute abdomen in females.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association