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OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the validity of MRI, in the assessment of the meniscal and cruciate ligamenteous injuries of the knee joint and comparison with arthroscopic findings.

METHODS: A one year prospective cross-sectional study from January 2006 to January 2007, was performed on 50 patients (32 males & 18 females) with knee injury presenting at the orthopedic unit of AKUH. The patients were referred to radiology department for MRI evaluation and arthroscopy.

RESULTS: The sensitivity, specificity and accuracy for MRI of the menisci and ligaments were as follows: medial meniscus resulted in 100% sensitivity, 69.27% specificity, 90% PPV, 100% NPV and 92% accuracy: lateral meniscus resulted in 87.5% sensitivity, 88.23% specificity, 77% PPV, 93% NPV and 88% accuracy: anterior cruciate ligament resulted in 86.67% sensitivity, 91.43% specificity, 81% PPV, 94% NPV and 88% accuracy; posterior cruciate ligament resulted in 100% sensitivity, 95.83% specificity,50% PPV, 100 NPV and 96% accuracy.

CONCLUSION: Magnetic resonance imaging is a good, accurate and non invasive modality for the assessment of menisci and ligamenteous injuries. It can be used as a first line investigation in patients with soft tissue trauma to knee.

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Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association

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