Radiological documentation of hurt with reference to islamic qisaas and diyat: Laws- evolution, pitfalls and needs: A perspective from Pakistan

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Despite controversial media presentations, Islamic laws of medical jurisprudence have been in practice in Pakistan since the last decade of the previous century. These laws require documentation with help from all the fields of medicine including radiology. The aim of a radiology report is to provide a diagnostic clue to the management. In forensic context, the same report has to be worded so as to answer specific questions regarding the extent and type of hurt that may appropriate the penalty. This review provides an analysis of change in Pakistani laws regarding hurt so as to adapt to the Islamic jurisprudence of the country, an introduction of terms, and suggestions for forensic radiology request practices so as to help in the documentation of hurt may become more in line towards the prevailing Islamic laws. Role of computerized topographic scanning in medico legal trauma imaging particularly skull and brain trauma is emphasized in detail. (Review article).


Pakistan Journal of Medical Research